Working adults and business people can NOW convert your accumulated work experience into THREE prestigious UK qualifications. ASIA ENTREPRENEURS ACADEMY will make your hands-on knowledge internationally recognized, respected, and remembered via 3QA training & coaching in less than one year.
  • LSM UK


    ASIA ENTREPRENEURS ACADEMY @ ASEAN has been officially appointed by the LONDON SCHOOL OF MARKETING in London, England as the latter's Recognised Business Partner (Cert. No.161) based in Malaysia.  LSM is an associate college of Anglia Ruskin University in the United Kingdom.

    This partnership agreement authorizes AEA to market, promote, and recruit mature students for LSM's offered courses leading to MBA qualifications conferred by the high-ranked Anglia Ruskin University. AEA also provides augmented services to consult, counsel, and administer suitably qualified candidates' applications for enrollment with LSM in the UK.

    Registered learners of LSM from ASEAN can be assured of dedicated follow-up services rendered by AEA to safeguard their interests during the whole course of blended learning with ARU delivered through LONDON SCHOOL OF MARKETING direct from England.



    ASIA ENTREPRENEURS ACADEMY @ ASEAN is the Approved Centre (No. 1707095) of EDUCATION FOR BUSINESS MANAGERS AND ADMINISTRATORS, England and Wales, United Kingdom to prepare adult learners for earning diploma qualifications from Level 1 to 7 leading to UK university degree top-up programs.

    EBMA is a globally recognized awarding body based in Cambridge, the East of England. EBMA qualifications are designed and developed using rigorous processes to the highest internationally recognized standards regulatory standards.  EBMA diploma programs are accredited by Qualifi as regulated qualifcations which have met all the compliance requirements of Ofqual 's General Conditions of Recognition and have been made available on the UK's Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF).

    EBMA's policies, systems, and frameworks are certified with ISO9001:2008 for the scope of development, delivery, and awarding of qualifications in further and higher education.

  • SME Academy

    ASIA ENTREPRENEURS ACADEMY @ ASEAN is pleased to establish a strategic partnership with SMART MANAGEMENT & EDUCATION ACADEMY in Malaysia via MoU signing on 13th January 2018 at M Tree Hotel Puchong.

    SME Academy is a reputable training and consultancy firm specializing in such areas as financial management, business leadership, team building, management coaching, and personal development.  It has been serving well the working adults and business communities in Klang Valley of Malaysia over years through hands-on learning programs and excellent customer services.

    The professional collaboration with AEA@ASEAN enables SME Academy to offer the TRIPLE QUALIFICATIONS ADVANTAGE (3QA) certification program for its existing market networks in Klang Valley to earn internationally recognized UK higher qualifications in one year through fast-track learning platform.



    ASIA ENTREPRENEURS ACADEMY @ ASEAN has established a strategic alliance with QM Management Consultants to collaborate on consultancy projects in Total Quality Management (TQM) and Operations Management (OM).  QM is also the strategic partner of AEA @ ASEAN to promote, market, and manage Certified Chief Enterprising Officer (Cert. CEO), Certified SME Manager (Cert. SMEmgr.), and TRIPLE QUALIFICATIONS ADVANTAGE (3QA) adult learning programs in southern region of Malaysia.

    Established in 2005, QM Management Consultants has been pioneer in the fields of Technology Management, Business Management, Logistic & Transport, and ISO Management.  The AEA-QM collaboration enables both parties to share experience and expertise across business functions in serving well the training and consultancy needs of business world.


    AEA is a socially responsible organization that promotes, expedites, and sustains entrepreneurial development and success across ASEAN member countries.  We believe resource sharing is one of our distinctive competences that excel AEA in the lifelong learning industry.  In this regard, we are seeking high caliber individuals with different education background, experience, and expertise to join us as AEA panel expert.

    Whether you are an industry veteran, business practitioner, university academician, management consultant or professional researcher, we have a role for you to play and contribute to AEA Learning Community.

    Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for preliminary discussion on strategic partnership between YOU and AEA.


    PROFESSIONAL BOARD OF ADVISERS (PBA)             ACADEMIC BOARD OF ADVISERS (AcBA)                                                       CORPORATE BOARD OF ADVISERS (CBA)                       ASEAN BOARD OF ADVISERS (AsBA)        



  • ACBF

    ACCREDITED CERTIFIED BUSINESS FELLOWSHIP (ACBF) is a member-based interest group initiated by ASIA ENTREPRENEURS ACADEMY @ ASEAN to promote collaborative relationships and lifelong learning experience among working adults and business people who have been qualified by the internationally recognized accreditation and awarding bodies as a certified business professional.

    ACBF aims at updating and upgrading members' knowledge horizon through sharing, transferring, and practicing intelligent and intellectual information exchanged between members across industries in ASEAN.  ACBF provides online forum as an integrated contact platform to foster interactive communications among members.

    FREE membership is by invitation only.  Interested individuals are encouraged to send their latest CV, business name card, and certificate(s) of certification course(s) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for membership confirmation.  


  • EduQual UK

    ASIA ENTREPRENEURS ACADEMY @ ASEAN is pleased to be an EduQual Approved Centre (No. 3859) with HQ based in Penang, Malaysia.

    EduQual is an internationally recognized accreditation and awarding Body in the United Kingdom that offers the SCQF credit-rated qualifications to working adult learners and business practitioners.  The SCQF is a  partnership between the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education, College Development Network, the Scottish Qualifications. Authority and Universities Scotland.

    AEA@ASEAN serves as an officially recognized service provider responsible for marketing, recruitment, counseling, and administration of EduQual standard and customized qualifications in ASEAN region.  

    Registered learners who have successfully attained EduQual-accredited customized certification training course in "Certified Strategic Business Manager" (Cert. SBmgr., UK) can be upgraded to the award of EduQual Diploma in Business Management (SCQF level 11) and gain direct entry to Anglia Ruskin University MBA Top-Up (dissertation stage) via fast-track, blended distance learning route delivered by LONDON SCHOOL OF MARKETING from England.


    ASIA ENTREPRENEURS ACADEMY @ ASEAN is pleased to be appointed as AeU's Approved Recruitment Centre in Malaysia and ASIA-ASEAN region.

    AeU is accredited by Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) and recognised by the Ministry of Higher Education in Malaysia.

    3QA learners of AEA@ASEAN who hold UK-based Ofqual-regulated or SQA-rated Postgraduate Diploma qualification from internationally recognized EBMA-QUALIFI or EduQual accreditation and awarding body as well as MBA from Anglia Ruskin University (ARU) delivered via London School of Marketing (LSM) in the UK are eligible for admission to AeU's Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program.

    University graduates with their Bachelor and Master degree in any disciplines earned from the recognized higher education institution are encouraged to apply for AeU DBA program via AEA-AeU recruitment centre.

    For more information, please write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for our counseling services.



    ASIA ENTREPRENEURS ACADEMY @ ASEAN has recently established a professional collaboration with VAN HIEN UNIVERSITY in Vietnam.  The MoU signing ceremony was held at the latter's campus in Ho Chi Minh City on 22nd May 2018. 

    VHU is a multi-discipline University providing education on various levels with a special strength in social sciences and humanities.  The Univesity is privately owned by the Hang Hau Corporation, a business organization active in many sectors: financial management, aquaculture production & processing, export of agricultural and fishery products, fuel distribution and retail trading system.

    The VHU-ASEA@ASEAN collaboration is a hallmark of long-term cooperation between two parties to develop highly productive manpower across industries in Vietnam via human capital investment and human asset development in the fields of entrepreneurship research, education, training, consultancy, coaching, and mentoring (RTCCM).






    ASIA ENTREPRENEURS ACADEMY @ ASEAN and NGUYEN TAT THANH UNIVERSITY from Vietnam has formed a professional strategic partnership through the MoU signing ceremony on 25th May 2018 in Ho Chin Minh City, Vietnam.

    Established from the policy of education socialization, NTTU has continuously been investing and developing to become a high-quality university that reaches both national and international standards.

    The NTTU-AEA @ ASEAN collaboration enables new knowledge acquisition, expertise sharing, experiential learning, skills transfer, competency enhancement, and competitive edge development among students and learners.  

    This strategic partnership aims at fostering an entrepreneurial-oriented community in Vietnam that contributes to the Country's mission and vision in becoming a developed industrialize Nation.



    A strategic alliance has been established between ASIA ENTREPRENEURS ACADEMY @ ASEAN and PHUOC LOC INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. in Vietnam.  The AEA@ASEAN-PLI collaboration MOU signing ceremony was recently held at the latter's corporate office on 21st May 2018 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

    PLI is a professional service provider in such industries as Health Care, Tourism, Human Resource Management, and Education Consultancy.  This strategic partnership enables PLI to serves as the local Representative of ASEA@ASEAN to render better and faster support services to AEA's partner colleges, universities, human recruitment agencies, and training firms in Vietnam.  



    ASIA ENTREPRENEURS ACADEMY @ ASEAN has accomplished another milestone by developing a formal strategic alliance with HEADHUNT VIETNAM on 20/06/2018 in Ho Chi Minh City.

    Established in 2011, HEADHUNT is one of the leading recruitment companies in Vietnam focusing on FMCG, Manufacturing, and Oil & Gas industries. HEADHUNT"s clients include the most demanding multinational and local big companies operating in Vietnam and ASEAN.

    The HEADHUNT-AEA@ASEAN Collaboration has been made possible by the former's verification, endorsement, and recognition of the latter's highly effective and productive professional, vocational, and occupational training courses such as Cert. CEO, Cert. Strategic Business Manager, Cert. Sales & Marketing Manager, Cert. Logistic Specialist, and 3QA Qualifications - to name a few.

    AEA@ASEAN is working in partnership with HEADHUNT VIETNAM to jointly provide industry-driven, performance-oriented, skill-based in-house accredited certification programs to enhance the productivity and competitive advantage of the latter's clients through our human asset development (HAD) and human resource management (HRM) initiatives.



    ASIA ENTREPRENEURS ACADEMY @ ASEAN is pleased to establish a strategic partnership with GEOMATIKA UNIVERSITY COLLEGE in Malaysia working towards a World Class Institution of Entrepreneurial Wisdom and Success through the MoU signing ceremony on the 1st of JULY 2018.

    This MoU collaboration officiates GUC as the Associate College of AEA@ASEAN enabling both parties to extend the program and service portfolio from MQA-accredited academic studies to internationally recognized vocational/occupational certification courses.



    ASIA ENTREPRENEURS ACADEMY @ ASEAN is pleased to establish a strategic partnership with ICN ACADEMY PTE. LTD through MOU signing on 10/10/2018 at the AEA@ASEAN office in Penang.

    The AEA-ICN collaboration enables both parties to jointly organize and deliver the UK internationally recognized professional Diploma qualifications in Singapore regulated by UK Ofqual and SCQ, respectively. 

    The EBMA-QUALIFI Diploma in Executive Management (Ofqual Level-7) is a 4-6 month professional postgraduate course to be fully delivered in Singapore for busy working executives, managers, directors, and business leaders.  Learners who have earned the EBMA-QUALIFI Diploma in Executive Management (8 subjects) is qualified to progress onto the UK MBA Top-up degree program (dissertation stage) in another 6-9 months through the blended learning platform offered by the selective UK universities.

    The EquQual Diploma in Business Management (SCQF Level-11) allows busy executives, managers, directors, and business leaders to earn this professional postgraduate qualification in 4-6 months without leaving Singapore.  Holders of EduQual Diploma in Business Management (5 subjects) qualification can progress onto the UK MBA Top-up degree program (dissertation stage) in another 6-9 months through the blended learning platform offered by the selective UK universities.

    AEA-ICN also offers internationally recognized industry qualifications to college/universities final-year students, graduated students, alumni, and working adults who need a skill-based vocational or occupational credential to support their academic qualification, experience, and expertise.

    The highly sought-after occupational designation certification offered by AEA-ICN are Accredited Certified Chief Enterprising Officer (Acred. Cert. CEO, UK), Accredited Certified Strategic Business Manager (Accred.  Cert. SBMgr. UK). Accredited Certified Business Development Manager (Accred. Cert. BDMgr. UK), Accredited Certified Technopreneur (Acred. Cert. Technopreneur, UK), to name a few.

    More information is obtainable from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in Singapore and in Malaysia.

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