Working adults and business people can NOW convert your accumulated work experience into THREE prestigious UK qualifications. ASIA ENTREPRENEURS ACADEMY will make your hands-on knowledge internationally recognized, respected, and remembered via 3QA training & coaching in less than one year.

Now working adults can earn an internationally recognized and accredited UK Diploma (SQCF Level-11) in Business Management within 6 months from EduQual Accreditation & Awarding Organization via VIRTUAL LEARNING ENVIRONMENT provided by ASIA ENTREPRuNEURS ACADEMY @ ASEAN.

AEA 3QA program enables the management executives and business people to update and upgrade their UK higher qualifications without affecting their current work lifestyle.  It provides the value-added benefits of flexibility, affordability, durability, reliability, and holistic learning approach to completing the 3QA requirements between 12 months – 15 months (depend on individual’s learning progress). 

Adult learners will take 6 months to complete the UK EquQual Diploma in Business Management (SQCF Level 11) and progress onto the UK MBA Top-Up program in another 6 – 9 months to earn the prestigious UK postgraduate degree.

Fee Structure

Registration fee


Consultation fee


Assessment fee


Moderation fee


Certification fee


Administrative fee

0.00 - 100.00

Course Structure

EQ/001-11 Strategic Management 7/11 20
EQ/002-11 Strategic Financial Management 7/11 20
EQ/003-11 Change Management and Strategic Leadership 7/11 30
EQ/004-11 Strategic Resource Management in Organizations 7/11 30
EQ/005-11 Marketing Management in Practise 7/11 20
Stage Title Qualification Unit Title Guided Learning Hours Non-Guided Learning Hours Fee
        Tutorial Coach Consult Ind. Study Prepare Work TQT USD 3,500
1 Dip. BM L-11 SCQF Strategic Management 4 4 1 40 35 120 200
1 Dip. BM L-11 SCQF Strategic Financial Management 4 4 1 40 35 120 200
1 Dip. BM L-11 SCQF Change Management and Strategic Leadership 4 4 1 60 55 180 300
1 Dip. BM L-11 SCQF Strategic Resource Management in Organisation 4 4 1 60 55 180 300
1 Dip. BM L-11 SCQF Marketing Management in Practice 4 4 1 40 35 120 200
TOTAL LEARNING HOURS 20 20 5 240 215 720 1200


  • Registered learners must attend online tutorials for 1 hour AND online coach for 1 hour per week per unit title. This means they must attend total 8 hours per month per unit title to complete ONE subject. (IF YOU MISSED THE ONLINE TUTORIAL, NO REPLACEMENT CLASS WILL BE PROVIDED)
  • Registered learners must attend additional 1 hour of online assignment tutorial before the completion of each & every subject.
  • Registered learners must spend 40-60 hours for INDEPENDENT STUDYING each & every subject. (study materials will be uploaded)
  • Registered learners must spend another 35-55 hours for PREPARING each & every assignment to be submitted to the relevant tutor.
  • This means registered learners can complete per subject in ONE MONTH to fulfil the requirement of 200-300 TQT (Total Learning Hour).
  • This means registered learners can complete the whole course in FIVE MONTHS to fulfil the requirement of 1200 TQT.
  • No EXAMINATION is needed. Only WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT required.
  • Registered learners must DO WELL in each & every assignment. The PASSING MARK for each & every assignment is 50%.
  • Registered learners who successful completed and earn the EDUQUAL (SCQF LEVEL-11) Diploma in Business Management qualification can also earn the “Accredited Certified Strategic Business Manager (Accred. Cert. SBMgr., UK)” professional credential and designation jointly awarded by EDUQUAL and AEA@ASEAN.
  • Holders of EDUQUAL (LEVEL-11 SCQF) Diploma in Business Management qualification can apply for direct progression to selective UK universities MBA Top-Up program. You need only 4-6 months (final semester) to earn your internationally recognised UK MBA degree.

AEA-EduQual (Level-11 SCQF) Diploma in Business Management
Professional Education Program 2018/2019


28th FEBRUARY 2019

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