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Welcome to AEA, a useful place of reflective learning and practice for enterprising ASEAN.

AEA is a progressive organization that provides a broad spectrum of intellectual services in applied research, professional education, corporate training, management consultancy, business coaching, leadership mentoring, and trade collaboration for industries, enterprises, and individuals.

With 40 years of entrepreneurial experience and expertise, AEA is envisioned to be a socially responsible institution contributing to the advancement of entrepreneurial development and success in ASEAN.

I cordially invite you to share, support, and participate AEA's business philosophy. Your constructive suggestions and comments would definitely make AEA an innovative leader cum challenger in the life-long learning industry in ASIA-ASEAN region.

Dr William E. H. Ooi  DBA, MBA, B.Eng.(Hons.), Co-Founder
Chair, Professional Advisory Board (PAB)  



Welcome to AEA, the genuine place of making better entrepreneurs and making entrepreneurs better.

AEA is the brainchild of entrepreneurs’ wisdom. It is a socially responsible organization established by ASEANESE for ASEAN enterprises. AEA strikes to become an influential Think Thank that contributes to the development and sustainability of enterprising ASEAN as a prosperous home for our existing and future generations.

AEA's vision and mission are driven by the synergistic performance of entrepreneurship educators, entrepreneurial leaders, enterprising trainers, business coaches, and inspiring mentors. Together, we come to AEA with an unequivocal commitment to making ASEAN the most entrepreneurial region in the fast changing world.

In this regard, I personally encourage more enterprising minds to join us in driving AEA @ ASEAN towards a world class Institution of entrepreneurial success.

Dato’ Lee Teong Li  DSPN, DJN, Co-Founder
Chair, Corporate Advisory Board (CAB)   



Welcome to AEA, an emergent Think Tank moving forward to a world-class Institution of Strategic Entrepreneurial Leadership in ASEAN.

AEA is the competitive advantage of 1 ASEAN with 10 core competences. We are dedicated to coordinating each member country’s distinctive resources into ONE synergistic performance capable of developing another AEC (ASEAN ENTREPRENEURIAL COMMUNITY) in the context of the existing AEC (ASEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY).

AEA provides entrepreneurial insights and foresights for strategic managers, entrepreneurs, business leaders, and enterprising professionals across industries in ASEAN. It is also the social responsibility of AEA to collaborate with all ASEAN member countries’ governments in increasing their local enterprising population for the sake of national growth and prosperity.

I would therefore welcome more active participations of AEA projects, programs, events, and networking by government agencies, trade associations, education institutions, NGOs, and enterprising individuals from the ASEAN member countries.

Dr. Nguyen Tuan Anh  PhD, MSc, BSc (Hons)
Chair, ASEAN Advisory Board (aseanAB)  



Welcome to AEA, a progressive ASEAN-based Organization where entrepreneurial intelligence and business intellectual meets.

ASIA ENTREPRENEURS ACADEMY @ ASEAN serves as both a mediator and moderator between entrepreneurship theory and practice towards the economic development, growth, and success of business firms, communities, and countries. In AEA, we are the socially responsible Corporate Citizen to promote, educate, and produce new futurists and post-modernists for the sake of socio-economic prosperity across ASEAN member countries.

In this regard, I encourage and welcome involvement of educationists, scholars, academicians, researchers, and professionals from all over the world to actively participate in making AEA@ASEAN a world class Institution of entrepreneurial wisdom, success, and leadership.

Assoc Professor Dr. Lau Wee Yeap  PhD, MEc, MFE, MAppStats, MAcc, BSocSc.Ec (Hons) , CA(M), CPA(Aust)
Chair, Academic Advisory Board (academicAB)   



Welcome to AEA, a reliable source of applied research excellence and business reality exploration

In ASIA ENTREPRENEURS ACADEMY @ ASEAN, we place emphasize on the roles and contributions of applied research & development to entrepreneurial ventures, SME performance, industry analysis, ASEAN investment, human resource productivity, to name a few. Our research findings provide primary data, first-hand information, and original intelligence to enhance the quality of decision-making in terms of accuracy, reliability, and feasibility.

I strongly urge and welcome the experienced entrepreneurship scholars, consultants, analysts, and strategists from all over the world to join AEA@ASEAN in promoting empirical research culture within organizations while advancing scientific research practice among ASEAN member countries.

Assistant Professor Dr. Go You How  PhD, MAppStats, B.Economics (Hons)
Chair, R&D Advisory Board (r&dAB)  


Welcome to AEA, an interface between enterprise incubation and SME development across industries.

ASIA ENTREPRENEURS ACADEMY @ ASEAN is a life-long learning Institution for the micro, small, medium enterprise owner-managers across industries. With the increasing importance and significant impacts of SMEs on national development & growth, AEA undertakes the corporate social responsibilities (CSR) of reshaping, renewing, and refining ASEAN SME resources into a new height of competitive advantage.

As such, I cordially invite those entrepreneurial-oriented, action-centric, performance-focused SME founders, owners, managers, and staff across industries to join AEA@ASEAN as their preferred and trusted choice of life-long learning partner. Together, AEA and SME sector shall work hand in hand to make ASEAN the most nurturing region of SME development and success in the world.

Mr. Well Kam Lian Hooi  CA, MBA(Portmouth, UK), AMA Certified Trainer
Chair, SME Advisory Board (smeAB)   

Updates & Upgrades

AEA @ ASEAN is now the Approved Centre of the EDUCATION FOR BUSINESS MANAGERS AND ADMINISTRATORS. The EBMA is an internationally recognized accreditation & awarding body in England and Wales, UK.

AEA @ ASEAN is now the Recognized Business Partner of the LONDON SCHOOL OF MARKETING, UK. The LSM is an Associate College of Anglia Ruskin University (ARU) and is in working partnership with the University of Northampton (UON), respectively.

AEA @ ASEAN will be launching the “Enterprise KIDS” franchise education program exclusively for Day Care Centres, Preschool Centres, and Kindergartens to develop their little clients into all-rounded person via entrepreneurship education. Interested owners of the above centres are welcome to contact AEA for more information.

Facing difficulty in writing company profile, business proposal, and presentation materials? No worries! Let AEA professional copywriters to prepare the documents for your organization. Call us now for immediate action!

AEA “Graduate CEO Camp @ ASEAN” is now accepting applications from college/university final-year students in Malaysia and Vietnam who would like to be trained as the next generation of CEOs. Call AEA for more information.

AEA provides hands-on counselling and coaching assistance to inexperienced youth, women, middle-age adults, and early retirees in turning their business ideas into viable incubation operations and successful small business management. Contact us at +6016 422 3366 for a meetup appointment.

Entrepreneurs are Not Born. They are Made!

AEA believes that everyone can be made entrepreneurial. Entrepreneurial orientation is mandatory to one's success in work performance, family happiness, social networking, and personal life.

Entrepreneurs are not simply a group of business people, company bosses, and/or wealthy individuals.  A true nature of an entrepreneur exhibits a blend of enterprising characteristics to make better things and make things better in life.  

In AEA, you are developed into entrepreneurial personality through the learning process of cognitive refining, attitudinal reformation, and behavioral restructuring. 

Makes BETTER Entrepreneurial Managers and Makes Managerial Entrepreneurs BETTER

AEA is in the frontier to offer the following innovative programs for all-age learners, ranging from preschool children to retirees or senior citizens: 

 1. Woman-In-Family Entrepreneur (WIFE)

 2. MidLife Career Re-Adjustment (MidCARE)

 3. Enterprise Kids for Entrepreneurial Nation (EKEN)

 4. Youth Incubation in Action (YouACT)

 5. Retirement Lifestyle with Enterprising Fun (RELIEF)

The above programs provides counselling, coaching, and mentoring service package to individuals who are committed to learning and developing themselves into a competent entrepreneur with effective managerial skills.

Promoting Entrepreneurship a Way of Life is AEA's Commitment

Enterprising personality enriches the quantity and quality of your life. 

To enjoy your entrepreneurial lifestyle, you are confined to life-long learning and practice in becoming an innovative, proactive, venturesome, aggressive, and autonomous person.

AEA provides you with necessary resources and supports to drive you become an all-rounded enterprising individual capable of leading your own way towards sustainable entrepreneurial success in life.

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